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Try Water to Boost Your Weight Loss

Try Water to Boost Your Weight Loss

What is the easiest way to boost your weight loss?  If you guessed drinking more water, then you get a gold star!  Water makes up well over half of the human body composition, and lean tissue boasts more of it than fat.  It is a free and non-caloric addition to your diet, so, in all honesty, there is nothing to lose by boosting your intake.  We have already covered the cost of drinking more (literally nothing), so read on to learn about the ways to use water to benefit your weight loss.

Try using water to test if you are truly hungry.  A lot of times hunger is confused with thirst.  Our bodies are fantastic machines, but they can make mistakes, and this is one of the common ones.  Try a cool glass of water next time you feel a little peckish.  You may be surprised to find that it does the trick. 

Another way that water can help you eat less is by drinking a tall glass approximately twenty minutes before you sit down to eat.  This targets another one of those common body mistakes.  It can take about twenty minutes for your stomach to let your brain know that it is full.  Drinking a pre-dinner glass of water can help your stomach know to prepare for your meal and can allow that communication between the stomach and the brain to speed up. 

Drinking more water after a meal can also aid in the digestive process.  Water aids in the breaking down of food that results in the absorption of nutrients.  If constipation is an issue, water can soften stool and allow things to start moving along again.  Water intake does not necessarily need to come solely from drinking water.  Fruits and veggies boost your intake of liquids and fiber, making them boost your digestive abilities double.

You may be wondering how much drinking a glass of water before and after every meal can affect your frequency of bathroom trips.  Well, in all honesty, you will be heading to the bathroom more, but is that such a bad thing?  Not only will the extra steps this causes keep your blood flowing, aiding your metabolism, but peeing is a fat-burner.  While most of the fat you lose is exhaled, a percentage of the fat expelled from the body is lost through urine. 

So, go on and raise your glass if you are looking for a simple way to aid in weight loss.  You may find that this free little addition was just what you needed to come out on the other side of your plateau.