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5 Ways Running Can Improve Your Health

5 Ways Running Can Improve Your Health

Finding ways to stay in good physical condition is very important.  One of the best ways to stay in shape is to get plenty of cardiovascular exercise by running.  There are five health benefits that come when you run on a regular basis.  

Build Stronger Bones 

Running has been shown to build bone density and can even help with age-related bone loss. Running also works to build muscles that weight training often misses, benefitting your bone health by keeping them stronger for longer. The old adage that running makes your knees weaker has shown to be false as well, with studies showing that there is no difference between the damage between a runner and non-runners knees.

Lose Weight and Get Fit 

Running can burn more than 800 calories in a 160-pound person at a moderate pace. Even if a person is just beginning to run, if they can keep a pace faster than a jog but lower than a marathon pace, the runner will burn high calories. An added benefit of running is that the burn will continue past the run because consistent exercise keeps your body burning calories even after the run is over.

Improve Memory 

There is plenty of evidence that regular exercise keeps age-related mental decline at bay as well. Studies have shown that older adults that are fit consistently scored better than their unfit peers in the tasks involving memory, attention, and task management.

Uplift Your Mood 

Running also improves mood by first releasing a “runners high”, which is a flush of endorphins that rush through your system. The uplift to your mood continues and consistent exercise may help those with depression and anxiety cope well even after the exercise has ended.

Live Longer 

With just 30 minutes of exercise, 5 days a week, you can extend your life by up to 5 years. Even those with pre-existing conditions were shown to add years to their lives by adding running or similar physical activities into their routines. Former smokers added 4.1 years, non-smokers added 3 years, and current smokers added 2.6 years to their life spans. Those who were cancer survivors added 5.6 years and heart disease patients added 4.3 years. On top of this, running has been shown to lower the risks of certain types of cancers and can improve your quality of life sir chemotherapy patients.

In conclusion, running on a regular basis is a great way to stay in top physical condition.  There are five particular health benefits that you will receive if you run on a regular basis.  


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