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Weight Loss Seminars and Events Calendar

Making the decision to commit to significant weight loss or undergo weight loss surgery can be a big step. The right support can make all of the difference, which is why DHR Health Bariatric and Metabolic Institute is pleased to provide our free weight loss seminar options to ease the process of beginning your journey. We also sponsor weight loss events to create a sense of support and community among like-minded individuals.

As a part of our treatment program, we are constantly involved with our patients, offering resources designed to inform, uplift, and inspire. Whether you are just starting out in your journey or are looking for a way to share your experiences, our unique programming is the perfect way to stay geared towards a healthier lifestyle. Learn more about our seminars and events below.

Weight Loss Seminars

Getting started on a weight loss journey can be extremely overwhelming, and finding appropriate resources can feel like an uphill battle. When you are seeking objective, factual information, our online or in-person weight loss seminars are a great way to learn more. Offered several time a month with easy online scheduling, our weight loss seminar can offer you the guidance you need when taking the first, or the last, steps in the weight loss surgery process.

Weight Loss Events

When you have taken the first steps toward weight loss, staying active in the community can be the difference between success and struggle. Our weight loss events are designed to help you promote good health and positive thinking, both on your way to your goals and throughout recovery. From fun runs to exercise programs, there’s always a great way to stay involved. Check back often for new details, registration, and pictures from our past events!

When you are seeking a vibrant, supportive environment, we are happy to offer the resources you need to make a life-changing decision a little easier. Contact us by calling 956-362-5673 or completing our online contact form to learn more about our weight loss seminar options and events or to explore what the right environment can mean for your progress.