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Bariatrics Surgery Testimonial

Bariatric surgery is a highly effective procedure, providing a medically approved way to lose weight and reduce the risk of weight-related conditions and disorders. Many patients find relief through weight loss surgery, but the prospect of changing your entire look and lifestyle can be very overwhelming. Bariatric surgery testimonials can provide insight into the road ahead, sharing the successes other patients have experienced

DHR Health Bariatric and Metabolic Institute is dedicated to providing you with a positive experience, no matter the results you hope to see. With our assistance, you can explore the information you need to make the decisions that are right for you.

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Anne Mooney*

Having the gastric sleeve surgery was the best thing I have ever done.  It was very difficult but more than worth it.  It has been 2 and 1/2 years and I still weigh the same as I wanted to.  I weigh myself every morning to make sure I stay in line.  It is so wonderful to feel like a “normal” person.  I don’t get stares anymore.  I go to the small size clothes, even though that took an adjustment to automatically go to the large size department.  I can wear anything now and not feel self-conscious.  I can walk anywhere and everywhere I want to without having to sit down and rest.  I can exercise and it feels good.  It is fun to see people who don’t know who I am now, since I lost 112 pounds.  I am going to be 75 years old and I really don’t feel like it.  My husband says I don’t look 75 either!  I would definitely recommend it to everyone!

Arnold Gonzalez*

As far back as I can remember obesity has affected my life.  As a child I was bullied in school.  Most kids would call me names as they would see me in the hallway.  I was also bullied by my family.  People would look at me like I was nobody or at least that’s how I felt.  When they would call me names I would laugh with them but I was truly dying inside.  I decided to stay away from people and food became my best friend.  I would just eat and cry.   At 340 pounds I was ready to give up on everything.  I tried many diets, but nothing worked.  I would lose and then gain my weight back.  Obesity was killing me.

I woke up one day and decided to make a change in my life.  On October 27, 2014 my weight loss journey started.   I decided to have the gastric sleeve.  Once I started losing weight I felt much better.  Now, I weigh 177 pounds and feel that I came back to life.  I can do a lot of things I could not do before surgery.  I feel like a new person and I love my new life!

Dianna Garza*

Hello my name is Dianna Garza*, I am 47 years old, I was born on June 29, 2015 for the second time.  (Well at least that’s how I truly feel).  That is the day I got my gastric bypass surgery.  This was the biggest decision I have ever made in my life but it was the best decision ever.  The only regret I have is not having this surgery sooner.  I had been debating on this surgery for approximately 10 years.  I had so much doubt and very scared.  But I finally made up my mind it was either continue living the life I was living (which was not a very pleasant life) or move forward and take a chance.

I use to live with no energy and no interest for anything at all.  I not only deprived myself but I deprived my whole family of life and fun.  I said no to family vacations, to a simple movie at the theaters because I didn’t fit in the theater chairs and I was so embarrassed.  I said no to my little boy who wanted to be in baseball/football because I didn’t have the energy and felt like everyone was going to stare because I was huge.  I said no to cheering my oldest son at all his Triathlon Ironman competitions because I couldn’t stand out there for more that 10 minutes and feeling like I was dying and out of breath by just standing there.  It was affecting my job performance too.  I couldn’t and didn’t have energy for anything at all.  My blood pressure was creeping up on me, I had sleep apnea.  I felt like a monster at night having to sleep with a mask every night.  I had heel spurs which I had to get cortisone shots once or twice a month so I could walk pain free for at least one week.  This was a horrible life.

NOW almost two years later I am here to testify that being obese is a sickness and as much as we try we cannot lose weight on our own.  Gastric bypass is not an easy way out like some people think but it’s a push start to a change of life.  Then it’s up to us to continue our journey.  I see it as a second chance in life, like being a newborn with a newborn stomach but an adult body.  You teach a baby to eat slowly, introducing them from liquids to soft food to solids. To making the right healthy choices in what to eat and what is good for our bodies.  I have slowly learned that and doing great almost 200 lbs later.

NOW I’m running 5K runs, cheering my son at his Triathlon Ironman competitions, running 6 to 7 miles every morning doing a spin cycle class or step aerobics class every afternoon.  This is part of my life now and I wouldn’t change it for anything. Now I’m taking family vacations and enjoying life to the fullest.  My husband and children and the employees at the Doctors Hospital At Renaissance Bariatric and Metabolic Institure are right behind me every step of the way with their support.

DON’T PUT YOUR LIFE ON HOLD!!  Is all I can say. 

Live, Laugh and Love is my new motto!!!

Hector Acosta*

After having diabetes for 30 years since the age of 13 it had taken a toll on my life and affecting my organs. I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart condition, poor blood circulation to my legs and sleep apnea. The diabetes also contributed to complications affecting my eye sight that caused retina detachment.  I had to have eye surgery and years of multiple injections to my eyes. I had kidney complications and was tired of injecting insulin.  I also hated having the insulin pump attached to my body day and night. There were numerous complications and I was taking so many medications on a daily basis.

I am very fortunate to have met Dr. Singh and his group of professionals. He recommended the gastric bypass and I am so happy I followed his advice. After my surgery my health has drastically improved.  It has made a dramatic positive change in my health. I walked out of the hospital after surgery without my insulin pump and haven’t used insulin from that moment on. I no longer take as many medications and I feel great!  I wish I had had this surgery a long time ago and I am extremely happy that I had it done. I am very grateful to Dr. Singh and his team.


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Maria Ester Cantu*

At my highest weight of 246 pounds, life was difficult for me and my family. My health was poor. I have rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. Originally, I thought about having the surgery for my health and well-being. My children also played a big part in making my decision. Today I am living a happy, active, and healthy life. I am active and can attend most of my children’s activities.

Age: 34
Total Weight Loss: 103

Yanira Ramos*

I highly recommend Gastric Bypass surgery for those who want to change their lifestyle to a healthy and energetic way of life.  This was a life changing experience; I would not change it for the world!  I’m grateful to Dr. Singh and staff for guiding me through this journey.


I knew I needed a change. I was not going to live my life around my medication schedule. I would hear the warning signs: borderline diabetic, high blood pressure, non-alcoholic fatty liver. I just knew this wasn’t the life of a 22-year-old. I went to DHR Health Bariatric and Metabolic Institute and learned of the process toward bariatric surgery, weighed my options, and decided this would be different. I had the support and guidance I needed from dieticians, exercise physiologists, physicians, and surgeons. This would be the reset button I needed to take control of my life.

I’ve now lost over 145 pounds and have gone from 330 pounds to 185 pounds. My career is now in the oil field; I can’t imagine being able to do this work in my old body, in my old life. The hours are long and difficult, living on location. But thanks to everything I learned, I can meal plan and even exercise.

The support from my friends and family has been a major factor in my success that I share with my mother, after inspiring her to begin her journey. She has had the gastric surgery, too. I am thankful to be surrounded by a great support system.

It all begins with mindset, setting a goal and taking the steps necessary. Before my surgery, it was no big deal if I gained four pounds or had that extra slice of cake. Now I know the effect those decisions made on my body; even tying my shoes was difficult. I am so glad I did this. Surgery changed my life, and I would do it again–no question.

Who is that guy in old photos? I don’t know him anymore and neither to do my old friends when I run into them around town. I enjoy re-introducing myself. I enjoy the new confidence I gained to go out and try new things that used to scare me and keep me from living life. If I can share a piece of advice, it would be–just come to the Institute. Learn more, and see how much your life can change for the better.


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