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Surviving the Holidays While On a Restricted Diet

Surviving the Holidays While On a Restricted Diet

If you’re on a restricted diet for whatever reason, you are likely dreading the holiday season. As you know, this time of year involves food, food, and more food. This can make adhering to a restricted diet next to, if not impossible. People who are on specialized eating plans for weight loss will often choose to “cheat” during the holidays. However, many people’s diets are restricted due to allergies or sensitivities. These individuals don’t have the luxury of “cheating” during the holidays or any other time of the year. If they do decide to indulge, they are apt to become quite ill. If you’re on a restricted diet due to allergies, sensitivities or intolerance, there is no need to avoid social situations for fear of being an outcast. Here is a guide that can help you cope with all the off-limit food that the holiday season will bring.

Speak with the host

If the host is someone you feel comfortable approaching, you can contact him or her before you RSVP, to determine what’s going to be on the menu. Don’t be afraid to inform the host of your sensitivities and ask if he or she would be willing to offer foods that you can tolerate. There’s no guarantee that the host will cater to your needs, but it’s worth a try. You might even want to volunteer to assist the host with meal preparations. Of course, if you help with the preparation of food, you can easily add in some items that you can safely consume.

Don’t show up hungry

If you know you’re going to a gathering that will serve pizza or similar off-limits food and you’re on a dairy and grain-free diet, then you already know that there will be very few food choices that you can tolerate. It would probably be a good idea for you to eat before going to the engagement if only a snack. Once you’re there if there happens to be food available that won’t cause you to have a reaction, great! If you aren’t so lucky, then at least you won’t have to starve the entire time, since you will have had the snack. If you think it would be too difficult to go to a party where you’re unable to eat much, then why not wait for the next party? Perhaps it will offer more food choices for you, or you might decide to throw your own holiday bash. This will allow you to serve whatever you desire.

Prepare safe alternatives

If you’re going to be having dinner at your Aunt Sue’s and you’re worried that her delicious potato salad will be calling your name, why don’t you make your own version? Unfortunately, you can’t expect your alternative dish to taste as delectable as Aunt Sue’s, but it can prevent you from feeling deprived. You can use the same tactic when it comes to other foods that you might feel you’re missing out on, including desserts. You can actually prepare your own food to take to any gathering, which will ensure that you enjoy yourself and prevent any adverse reactions at the same time.

There is no reason to miss potentially fun holiday gatherings because of your food restrictions. Holiday parties offer a lot more than just food. You can expect games, music, socializing, contests, dancing and more. As long as you ensure that you eat only what you’re able to tolerate, you can enjoy yourself as much as possible. Some people will wonder why you aren’t eating certain foods, and if they question you, don’t allow their questions to make you feel like a spectacle. You can be as brief or as detailed with your explanation as you desire, but the key is to vow to enjoy yourself without placing the focus on the cuisine.