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4 Foods for Weight-Friendly Meal Planning

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4 Foods for Weight-Friendly Meal Planning

Dieting can be challenging enough without having to keep track of the exact number of calories from each type of food. Meal-planning offers dieters an easy way to stick to their diet without having to worry about going over their caloric restrictions. The trick to great meal planning is to have a variety of food types to keep your meals interesting. Not only does this help prevent you from becoming bored with your diet, but it provides a healthy mix of various nutrients to accompany each meal.


Here’s a look at four low-calorie foods that you can add to your meal plans to help you keep on track with your diet goals.




Chickpeas have a nice amount of iron and protein and provide a good amount of carbohydrates to keep you energized throughout the day. They’re also versatile and can be blended for a tasty hummus snack with crackers, or roasted and seasoned for a quick, on-the-go option.




Oats have a cholesterol-lowering effect that makes them a great carb source for dieters. They also provide a right amount of insoluble and soluble fiber which aid in digestion. Consider eating them as breakfast with a few pieces of fruit, or making oat bars with granola and nuts.


Green Beans


Many people find green beans to be a more tolerable green vegetable due to their mild taste and ability to absorb flavors from sauces and marinades easily. Not only do they offer more healthy carbs than leafy greens, but they have just as many nutrients. Try tossing them in the oven with a small amount of olive oil and salt, or drying them for a tasty lunch snack.




An especially fatty fish with roughly 40 calories per fillet ounce, salmon provides the perfect addition to any meal. Loaded with protein, calcium, and a right amount of healthy fats, it’ll leave you feeling satiated and ready to tackle the rest of your day. Salmon can go great on bagels with cream cheese, in lunch salads, or with green veggies for dinner.


Finding a variety of low-calorie foods can make your meal-planning a lot easier and can help you stick with your diet goals.